Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Writing Prompt: Short & Sweet: Drabbles and 69ers

A drabble is a 100-word story, not including the title, which can be up to 15 words. (Here, you can read about the history of drabbles.)

When I was an editor at NFG Magazine, we published a similar bit of flash fiction in the form of a contest: 69ers – short stories of exactly 69 words, including the title. (Here, you can read all the 69ers published by NFG.)

(Until Twitter came along, these were the ultimate in Flash Fiction.)

Here’s Your Prompt:

Write a drabble or a 69er. Stick with their respective rules: if you write a drabble, it must be exactly 100 words and can include a title of 15 words or less. If you write a 69er, the title (required!) must be counted in the 69 words.

Need a plot to get started? Here are some nifty plot generators: